Still haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet? 

No worries! You’re not alone, and I’ve got some ideas. You’ll be getting thanks long after everyone you know takes down their Christmas lights. 

Here are five gifts every Realtor can give to somebody in their life. 

#1—The Dot Card (digital business card)

The Dot card is perfect for either a new agent or a seasoned one. All it takes is scanning the QR code to direct somebody to your contact card, Instagram, or wherever else you want to send them. 

#2—A Polarizer

A polarizing lens filter is perfect for your photographer. A tool like this is about $100. And what it will do is enrich the colors in all of your videos and pictures, as well as reduce shadows and glare. 

#3—AirPods or other noise-canceling headphones

Get this for your ISA or anybody spending a lot of time on the phone. These Apple versions are about $150. And I love that they leave me hands-free. I also like that I can click the button to stop and start calls. 

#4—Wireless DJI mini microphones

This is perfect for an agent or for any creator in your business. These mini mics are exactly what I’m using to create videos like the one in this post. It’s also what I use in the field, on stage, and everywhere else in between. 

I love that the case charges the microphone itself. I love the magnet. I love being hands-free. I also really like that they’re discreet. 


This is perfect for your transaction coordinator or anybody helping you on the backend. Mosaik is a new software that we are using on our team. It is the type of platform that will allow your transaction coordinator to be able to handle double the amount of volume in half the time. 

You’ve got to check this one out! 

What gifts are you getting for the people in your business?