I randomly opened my Instagram the other day and saw a pop-up that said: “We’ve noticed the effort you’ve put into your content. Get on a call with one of our Media Experts to receive the latest best practices and product updates.”

I signed up immediately, and the very next day I got a text from someone at Instagram. 

Within hours, I was on the phone with them. So today, I’m excited to share my four key takeaways from my call with IG! 


Using Threads will not help your reach on Instagram. Contrary to popular belief, Instagram does not reward users who consistently use Threads by pushing their content more. I’m debunking that myth.

#2—Posting Frequency

Instagram wants you to post 3-5 times per week. This recommendation goes against some major creators who suggest posting every day, multiple times per day. Meta emphasizes quality over quantity, so focus on creating 3-5 high-quality pieces of content each week. 

Before you post something, think to yourself: Would someone want to actually watch this? Would they want to save this for later or share it? Focus on creating content that is interesting, shareable, and saveable for your audience.


When collaborating on a piece of content, the bigger account should post first, and the smaller account should accept the collab request immediately. The smaller account should not wait to accept the request to maximize reach and engagement.


Instagram recommends using 3-5 targeted hashtags per post. The key is to use specific hashtags related to the content of your post, rather than generic ones like #explore or #viral. Additionally, include the name of your location in your post to increase its visibility.

These insights from my call with Instagram have given me a clearer understanding of how to effectively use the platform to reach and engage my audience. By focusing on quality over quantity, leveraging strategic collaborations, and using targeted hashtags, we can create more impactful content. Remember to always think about whether your content is interesting, shareable, and saveable for your audience. Implementing these tips can help elevate your Instagram strategy and drive better results for your real estate business.