Wait I don’t need a hook… this is a blog that you’re already reading. My brain is malfunctioning from thinking about the algorithm too much. My apologies. 

But seriously, stop for a second before you publish your next piece of content and do a little thought experiment.

Before you hit publish, think to yourself: who is this for? Are you publishing this for the algorithm to get likes, comments, and adoration from strangers? Or are you publishing it to bring value to your consumers? I saw Gary Vee say this in a recent Instagram reel and I just loved the way he explained it…

My favorite thing that he said in the clip was, ”The second someone says: ‘Why in the world would this be good for someone to see in their feed?’ The world will change for them.” 

This is something that we here at BAM have been communicating to our video team. With each clip, we ask ourselves, “Does this bring value? Is this a new concept? Does this invoke emotion? Why would someone share this? Would someone comment on this? Will this make someone laugh? Does this actually help agents get better?” 

Post to Add Value

This mindset shift has really helped us determine the difference between a post just to post and a post that brings actual value.

A post just to post is the worst thing you can do in today’s social media world. Staying “top of mind” by publishing canned graphics may have been a strategy in 2018, but all that does is hurt you now. You don’t want to train people to skip over your content and if you continuously post thoughtless junk just to check a box, you will do just that.

By the way, I don’t mean to sound preachy because I am one of the biggest offenders of posting for the algorithm. For years I have felt the need to publish content to keep growing my Broke Agent brand and definitely feel like I sometimes create content for ME instead of YOU. Seeing that video from Gary Vee was a great reminder of where each post needs to come from.

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