This is the best $75 you can spend on yourself as a content creator. It’s called CapCut Pro

CapCut is an all-in-one video editing tool and an industry favorite. It does have a free version you can use with loads of features. But CapCut Pro goes beyond that, and the difference, for me, totally justifies the yearly fee.

(Side note: To learn more about CapCut Pro, you need to be a registered CapCut user.)

Here are three of CapCut Pro’s most useful functions and how I apply them. 

#1—The Teleprompter

Who would have known CapCut had this built in the whole time? Simply take a script you wrote and copy-paste it into the app (or type it straight in). 

The limit is about 5,000 characters or about 700 words, so this might not be for long-form YouTube content, but it’s incredibly helpful for Reels and shorter content. 


I am using this on every single video I post today. I love the font choices, and I love that it uses technology and AI to identify words. 

It’s just a huge time-saver and very appealing to the eye. 

#3—AI Text-to-Image Generator

Simply describe what you want to see, and watch it get made instantly. This is a killer place to start when creating thumbnails or graphics for your business. 

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