The Instagram updates just keep rolling out. Have you seen all the new things Instagram is now allowing us to do?

I’ve already talked about 6-way collabs, which I highly recommend. 

But speaking directly to content creation and boosting your Instagram engagement, here are three new features that are definitely worth checking out. 

#1—You can now respond to comments from the feed post directly onto your Story

Simply hit the new button shown in the image below, after selecting the comments you want to respond to, and watch Instagram take you straight to your Story to respond. 


This is a killer way to increase engagement between your feed and your Story posts. 

#2—Use “Voice Enhance” to reduce background noise

Do you have a video with lots of background noise? 

Use the “Voice Enhance” feature and listen to the quality of your video get that much better. 


#3—Use AI to switch up your background

Instagram is now allowing us to remove the background of images and replace them with whatever you can think of. 


This is very cool! 

I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI enhancements for content creation and social media. And it’s come such a long way already. 

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