BAM Key Details

  • According to a Redfin survey, 13 different flags have an impact on buyer decisions, with 45% of survey respondents saying an American flag would make them more likely to bid on a home. 
  • Roughly half (47.7%) said seeing a Confederate flag in a neighborhood would make them less likely to make an offer on a home there.
  • Homebuyers were most divided on Gadsden (“don’t tread on me”) flags, anti-gun flags, and Second Amendment flags. 

    How much does a specific flag hanging in a neighborhood affect the homebuyer’s decision to purchase the home? You’d be surprised. 

    According to a recent Redfin survey, there are 13 different flags that make an impact on U.S. homebuyer decisions. The reason? People want to be in neighborhoods with likeminded people—and flags are a clear sign of what others believe in.

    In today’s divided nation, living amongst likeminded people could be considered a neighborhood amenity, just like highly rated schools and walkability. Remote work has allowed scores of people to move to new areas and deprioritize proximity to the office. Oftentimes, that means homebuyers self-sort into areas where their neighbors think and vote like them.

    Daryl Fairweather

    Chief Economist, Redfin

    The report focused on the answers from 1,256 respondents likely to buy a home in the next year. Let’s take a look at the findings. 

    United Front

    American flags are most likely to draw in homebuyers, with 44.8% reporting that seeing an American flag would make them more likely to make an offer on a home. This group of respondents was the highest ‘more likely’ among others, followed by Black Live Matters flags (35.7%) and pro-choice flags (34.8%). 

    flags impact homebuyer decisions

    Source: Redfin

    Deal Breaker

    Nearly half of the homebuyers surveyed (47.7%) said seeing a confederate flag in the neighborhood would make them less likely to buy a home. This result from the survey was the highest ‘less likely’ of all 13 flags asked about. 

    The Divide

    When asked about seeing a Gadsen (“don’t tread on me”) flag, respondents were the most divided. Of those surveyed, 25.6% said seeing one would make them more likely to make an offer, while 26.8% said it would make them less likely. 

    Responses also varied when asked about anti-gun flags, with 29.7% more likely to make and offer vs. 27.5% less likely to make an offer, and Second Amendment flags (30.3% vs. 27.3%). 

    Pride Flags

    Responses on LGBTQ pride flags were somewhat split down the middle, with 29.5% more likely to make an offer when seeing a rainbow flag in a neighborhood, and 22.3% saying it would make them less likely to submit an offer. Roughly half (48.2%) said it would not impact their decision. 

    The results differed by political preference and age. Democrats and younger people preferred to live in an LGBTQ area, while more than one-third of Republican respondents living near an LGBTQ flag would turn them away from buying the home. 

    Gen Z respondents, who made up 37.9% of the survey, were most likely to make an offer with a rainbow flag in the neighborhood, while only 17.7% of Baby Boomers were likely to make an offer. 

    Source: Redfin

    Final Thoughts

    The presence of flags in a neighborhood can impact a homebuyer’s decision more than you might expect. These findings underscore the increasing importance of shared values and a sense of community in the home buying process, as buyers seek out neighborhoods that align with their beliefs and aspirations.