This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White kick off with a BAM article on Zillow’s newest search filter, which allows home seekers to filter search results by their maximum affordable monthly payment. 

Next up was a second BAM piece on another affordability hurdle for homebuyers: property taxes are up roughly 4% across the U.S. 

Finally, Byron and Nicole wrap up with a strange phone call from Inman, which had two parts. The first had to do with BAM’s practice of providing free, high-quality content for real estate agents. 

The second had to do with the writer of three recent Inman articles—the latest of which responded to Byron’s comments on a previous article, “I’m an agent. You can’t tell me what to wear on the job.” 

After clearing the air on where he really stands with regard to a dress code for real estate agents, Byron invited Rachael (Hite) to appear on the show to have a conversation about this topic and the “Bare-Minimum Mondays” TikTok trend she covered in another recent article.

Byron and Lisa Chinatti discussed Rachael’s response article on last Friday’s Knowledge Brokers Podcast. And we’re hoping Rachael accepts Byron’s and Nicole’s invitation to join them in next week’s episode of The Real Word.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:02 Intro

01:02 #1: Zillow allows buyers to search based on monthly payments

07:58 #2: Property taxes are up across the country

18:32 #3: The Inman phone call & article

22:20 Inman asks if Byron is angry with Rachael Hite

26:03 Inviting Rachael to appear on The Real Word

31:43 “52% of sellers in 2023 are Boomers…”

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