This week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine, Tom Toole, and Lisa Chinatti start the conversation with an Inman contributor’s response to Byron’s and Lisa’s comments on a February article she wrote: “I’m an agent. You can’t tell me what to wear on the job.” 

Byron and Lisa review and react to the new Inman piece, which calls out Byron in particular while giving Lisa props. If you need a refresher, check out the February 14th episode of The Real Word with Byron’s and Lisa’s original comments. 

Next up was the jobs report, which segued to mortgage rates and the question of whether we’re heading towards the inventory bottom as home prices tick up after seven months of decline. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:05 Intro

01:05 Inman contributor responds to Byron and Lisa 

11:13 The jobs report

13:18 The impact on mortgage rates

17:52 The rental market

23:50 Situations where a client wants information on renting and buying options

26:30 Florida’s affordable housing bill

30:46 Inflation 

33:03 Are we heading toward the inventory bottom?

39:43 Have we hit the bottom on home prices?

44:11 Monthly shifts in home prices (chart)

46:41 Are we going to see a strong spring market?

45:59 What should agents be doing to have a successful Q2

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