Agents should start thinking about securing an @ handle on YouTube.

Last week, YouTube announced plans to start enabling users the ability to engage with creators using unique handles. Of course, there are a few criteria you need to meet to make sure you get your preferred username.

A New Way To Identify Your Channel

Unlike the channel name, every YouTube handle will be unique. This update is an excellent opportunity for users to ensure they’re engaging with the right creator.

While @ handles are not new in the world of social media, they are new to YouTube. But not everyone will get access to the new feature simultaneously. Per the YouTube Official Blog, 

“The timing of when a creator will get access to the handles selection process depends on a number of factors, including overall YouTube presence, subscriber count and whether the channel is active or inactive.”

YouTube Official Blog

Over the next month, YouTube will let creators know when they get access to choose a handle. In the meantime, make sure you remain active on YouTube, so you don’t get overlooked. At the very least, whenever you post a Reel or TikTok, get into the habit of posting it as a YouTube Short.

Once you do choose a handle, YouTube will automatically create a matching URL (ex:, making it easy for people to search and find your content.

“We want to ensure creators can craft an identity as unique as their content, while giving viewers the confidence that they are interacting with their favorite creators.”

Youtube Official Blog

Sharing Videos

With YouTube handles, users can now share content with friends by tagging their usernames on channel pages, YouTube Shorts, and comments.

Much like we see on Instagram and TikTok, users will be able to start tagging friends and colleagues in YouTube videos and shorts.

As an agent, there are plenty of ways to produce content that people want to share:

  • Go niche, focusing on your specific market.
  • Create humorous videos that other industry professionals can relate to.
  • Provide information that consumers want to know.

Pivoting Into Social Media

YouTube is a powerful search engine—and we don’t anticipate that going away. 

And now, it looks like YouTube wants to become even more social. The ability for users to tag one another in comments will make YouTube look and feel more like other social media platforms. 

Collaborations will also become more visible with the handle feature, as creators will now be about to increase the visibility of accounts they collab with by tagging them in the title and caption of videos.

Agents should prioritize getting content on YouTube more than ever, as the platform has made it clear they want to drive traffic and become more socially oriented.