What are the three things video creators need to focus on to create viral videos? And not just viral videos for the sake of views—I’m talking videos that actually attract clients. 

Neel Dhingra (@neelhome) is joining me for his third time on the Massive Agent Podcast. For this episode, we’re walking through exactly how to create, plan, and film a video that does just that.

Neel is one of the best content creators in our industry. He’s figured out a formula and a specific blueprint for how to create videos. As a direct result of his content, he’s making multiple seven figures a year in business income. 

Stay tuned to the end, because we have a very special announcement. Neel and I are working together on a free resource that will go deeper and break down everything we talk about on the podcast so you can see exactly how it’s done, step by step. 

Find out when it’s happening and how you can sign up. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0005:49 Intro

07:50 Neel’s playbook for creating viral videos

11:38 What does your workflow look like?

15:20 Unique opportunity for new creators of short-form videos

16:25 Three things—that’s all you need to know

17:04 How do you take a topic and write a hook for it?

23:10 Getting started—all you need is an iPhone, a mic, and a light

24:23 The hook is what viewers hear + what they see

29:19 One hack for people who are scared to put themselves on camera  

31:45 This hook will help anyone to get more views

35:30 Dustin & Neel’s free webinar training

Click here to watch the full video. 

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