Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics, straight from Instagram. 

The genius behind #7 has some explaining to do. 

#1—We’ll just build around it. 

Maybe it’s not the best use of space, but my kids would probably fight over this room. One of our favorite comments says what we’re thinking: “Indoor rock climbing!” (@lifebybojana). 

Source: @badrealestatepics 

#2—The sandbox bedroom

Part moon-landing, part beach, this house covers it all. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse 

#3—Outdoor kitchen?

We’re not sure whether the kitchen in the pics is a bonus outdoor kitchen or the only actual kitchen for this home. But that poor plant is done. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse

#4—And more deathtrap stairs

Props to the picture-taking survivor of these f**k-you stairs. Just replace them with a slide. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse 

#5—Plumber’s revenge 

Maybe there was a sale on PVC pipe. Or maybe this is the plumber’s revenge for all the owner’s unsolicited dad jokes. We may never know. 

Source: @bostonhomeinspectors 

#6—Nowhere to run

On rainy days, the overflow creates an eye-catching waterfall for the front entrance. #curbappeal 

Source: @shieldguardinspections 

#7—Ohhhh, no

Emergency sale due to the mysterious passing of the previous owner. No worries, though. It happened outside the house. Call before it’s gone: #DAR-WIN-LOLZ

Source: @bostonhomeinspectors