Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. #5 will hurt your eyes.

#1— unfortunate plumbing

Everything about this just feels so wrong. I blame the plumber.

Our favorite comment from @myhumanscallmegunny: “Ya know…I don’t hate it. Nice shelf for shower beverages.”

#2 — Indoor pool

Because who doesn’t want to step out of their indoor pool onto some nice soft carpet? I can smell the mold from here.

Also, we NEED to stop with the rock formations built into houses. It has never looked cool. Not once.

#3 — Witch Stairs

Legend has it that stairs like these were originally placed in homes in New England to ward off witches. Now they’re just a challenging obstacle for someone coming home after a few drinks. 

Brownie points for the rest of this place for being pretty nice.

#4— Bare Minimum Renovation

It’s a pretty wild move to do a complete renovation on a bathroom and not do anything to the rest of the house, which looks like it hasn’t been touched in 50 years. 

People in the comments are also pretty fired up about the fact that a 1-bedroom in Kansas is going for $1 million. I concur.

#5 — Shiny Kitchen

Yet another example of a perfectly good home ruined by some moron’s awful taste. 

I can’t decide what pisses me off more, the bathroom cabinets or the stainless steel kitchen that makes the place look like a restaurant.

#6— Dysfunctional cabinet

This is just so fucked up on so many levels. I don’t have much else to say. 

The popcorn ceilings add insult to injury.

#7— Shelter Not Included

Listed for $840,000, even a charred and uninhabitable home might sell for over asking. We live in hell.

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