Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. Number 6 will make you thankful minimalism became trendy.

#1 — The Kitchen

A pillar of great real estate photography is having descriptive—preferably spray-painted—signs to help distinguish which room is which, just in case anyone can’t tell.

It’s giving trap house meth chic.

#2 — Custom Floors

I love the beach as much as the next person, but WTF? You can’t even walk on this.

#3 — Old Schoolhouse

Out of all the things that could have been done with an old schoolhouse, how did someone settle on living in it? At least there’s ample parking.

#4 — Shrooms

It kind of gives me the same feeling I had when I watched Midsommar

Who knows, there are probably people out there who’d be into this.

#5 — You can stand under my umbrella ☂️

We’re skipping the bucket and heading straight to the umbrella! This photo screams mold, and I cannot believe someone decided it was an acceptable MLS submission.

#6 Paint catastrophe

Thanks, I hate what you’ve done with the place. 

REMINDER: There are other ways to make your children happy. It doesn’t always have to be a homemade mural.

#7 — Cat Lovers Throne

Why not just, I don’t know, take all of those photos down?

Seriously, this bathroom was bad enough before the decor. 

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