Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. #6 is insane. 

#1— Bathroom or Sink??

This kitchen/ bathroom combination is a new one. Talk about unhygienic. 

At least there’s that gorgeous exposed brick?

#2— Death Trap Toilet

I can deal with an elevated toilet. I really can. But this height is downright treacherous.

#3— Butterfly House

What in the Lisa Frank happened here? At least the interior is a little more understated. 

#4— “Brand New AC”

Cheers to this creative problem-solving. Fits like a glove!

#5— Dimensional Home

Absolutely desperate to know the origin story of this place. Our fav comment from @moresuThis house looks like it was designed by aliens who has never seen an Earth home, and only had the concept described to them.”

#6— Plant Sanctuary

Nothing goes together quite like plants and pooping. All I can think about is the bugs. I’m sure there’s an abundance of oxygen, though!

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