Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram.

#1— Great Use Of Space

No door?? Not to mention the fact that you couldn’t relax and do your biz without being scared of what was going to come out of that little crevice. 

Not even going to comment on the trap door because I don’t want to know.

#2— Only Fan

So ugly and unnecessary. Tear it all down.

#3— Circus

Another home that would cause me to go into cardiac arrest if I woke up inside of it. Between the stuffed animal walls and horrifying paintings, this place should be burned to the ground.

#4— Misleading Elevator

What do you get when you cross a dad joke enthusiast with an architect? 

At least you never have to wait for the elevator…

#5—Maximum Forksecurity

Thinking about the things this camera caught sent a shiver down my spine.

#6— Disco Washer

Best believe it’s still bejeweled 👀🪩

I can 1000% see influencers having a photo shoot with this. Still, begs the question—why would someone do this?

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