Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. 

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#1— Getting Ahead Of The Market

If Ed Moore was trying to get our attention, he succeeded. Now I want him to stay far away from me and never help me buy or sell!

#2—Detention Center Dream

Really puts things into perspective for people who feel like their home is a prison. I feel like as a society, we need to agree that a prison should only be used for jailing.

#3—Private Fishing Hole

I finally found the body of water my mom was talking about when she told me there were “plenty of fish in the sea.” 

#4— Laundry Tetris

The things people will do for an in-unit washer and dryer these days…

#5—Pyramid Scheme

If they were going to show us something so deeply unsettling, I would at least like to see photos of the interior. 

@Nomadic_ginger_tribe said it best: “No interior photos bc the meth production investigation is still underway.”

#6—Mirror Bathroom

PERF I have always wanted to experience going to the bathroom in a carnival-style fun house.

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