Contrary to what you may think after reading Worst of the Week, we aren’t ALWAYS assholes. And let’s be real—there are some pretty drool-worthy home design features out there. 

So, to balance out the negativity, we’re bringing you real estate’s Best of the Week. We’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a collection of breathtaking properties and innovative designs that will leave you feeling inspired (and maybe a little jealous). 

Sit back, relax, and take some time to swoon over these beautiful homes and design features!

#1— Fold Up Desk

Plenty of people still work from home, and this design reminds us all that you don’t have to give up beautiful and simplistic design in the name of functionality. Plus, physically closing your desk at the end of a long workday seems so satisfying.

#2— Easy Blinds

Gone are the days of fighting with the strings of your blinds before giving up in frustration. It might just be me, but I love this creative, user-friendly system.

#3— Pastel Delight

Having a morning routine here would increase my motivation 100%. Completely obsessed with the floating sink and cabinets underneath.

#4— Walk-In Paradise

I’ve always been a sucker for an island for jewelry and other accessories in a walk-in closet. 

#5– Crafted Kitchen

So many modern kitchen designs feel so sterile; it’s refreshing to see one that actually looks lived in! Obsessed with all of the plants, even if they look a little hard to water.