This week on the Over Ask Podcast, we have Krys Benyamein, a former lawyer who grew up with real estate professionals and somehow knew he would one day return to the industry. 

Krys talks about how to hold yourself accountable to post more content, how to push yourself creatively, and how climbing Mt. Everest changed his perspective on real estate. 

He shares his worst moment on his ascent of Mount Everest, the hardest part of climbing this world-famous peak, and why he never wants to be the biggest name in the room. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:22 Intro

00:33 Krys’s elevator pitch

04:39 His attitude toward social media—before and after Tom Ferry 

06:01 Doing green screens before they existed

13:30 How this hook master capitalizes on those first two seconds

16:01 The two key things Krys accomplishes on a perfect day in real estate

19:56 Why saying yes to everything is a short-term strategy

21:31 Why he said yes to climbing Mount Everest—and how he did it

29:50 Thriving on Everest vs. surviving—and how that applies to real estate

29:48 Krys’s worst, most overwhelming moment on the mountain

41:03 Why the HARDEST part of climbing Mt Everest is coming home

48:47 Being the biggest name in the room is not the goal

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