There is a major shift going on in social media right now. Have you noticed?

For years now, the highly-edited, talking head videos popularized by Alex Hormozi have been the obvious wave on social media. Coaches, sales influencers, social media gurus, mindset hackers, inspirational speakers, real estate agents, and media companies (including BAM) have focused on posting short-form content with attention-grabbing hooks, animated captions, zooming, cropping, transitions, music, and sound effects. 

You know… these types of videos:

Shifting Away from Polished Content

Most of these are filmed in a professional studio or podcast setting, have amazing lighting, and cost an arm and leg to produce and edit. A year ago you couldn’t open any of the social media apps without some asshole popping up in your feed to give you “THREE REASONS TO TAKE ICE BATHS NOW!”

But, in the last six months there has been a noticeable, welcomed shift away from this sort of content as the social media pendulum begins to swing back to what was and what’s next: organic, authentic, raw content with little-to-no filters and editing. 

Like everything else, content styles can run their course and that’s exactly what happened with the oversaturation and TikTokification of talking-head, short-form videos. The goal of those videos was to capture attention, keep it, get someone to rewatch it, and hopefully this would push it to more people. It’s like we all stopped making content for the consumer and tried to appease the algorithm (or maybe I’m just talking about myself here). Consumers got sick of consuming this content and creators got sick of making it.

What is Next?

Alex Hormozi, the godfather of the talking-head style content, just posted this on Instagram and explained it perfectly:

He is essentially declaring to his audience that he is done with the aforementioned style and is returning to uncut, long-form content that provides more value. He also mentioned that he prefers making these types of videos, and I couldn’t agree more. Talking-head style videos are expensive, difficult to edit, and take a ton of effort to script and film. 

This is amazing news for real estate agents. For the content that works today, you don’t need a media team…you just need your phone.

  • Go green screen mode and talk about trending real estate news or what’s going on in your local market. 
  • Pull over after a showing and talk about the house that you just saw.
  • Record yourself preparing for an open house and go over the process.
  • Give a market update from the kitchen table.
  • Review a new restaurant in the car on the way back.

For inspiration, check out real estate coach Jared James who has been hammering green screen content on a daily basis. Any news story that comes out, wherever he is, he just points and films: 

No editing, no music, no jump cuts. Just pure information.

TLDR: Just shoot, film, and post. Double down on value and consider filming some longer-form videos to break through the noise of the hook-happy, quick-cutting, talking heads.

Adapt or die. 

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