In July, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta founder and CEO, announced a change to the Facebook news feed—specifically a split into two separate channels: the Home tab and the Feeds tab. 

With the Home tab, you’ll see content recommended to you based on your actions on the platform. This is where you’ll discover creators you’re not currently following—and where your target audience can discover you. 

The Feeds tab shows you content from the people, groups, and pages you’re already following. 

So, what’s behind Facebook’s split news feed? And how can you make it work to your benefit? 

Behind the split

It’s no secret TikTok has changed social media. Short-form video is critical to successful video marketing, and creators on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok use that to their advantage. 

But short-form video isn’t the only feature Meta has picked up. TikTok’s For You page shows recommended content based on what their algorithms think you want to see. On the other hand, the Following page only shows content from pages you already follow. 

Here’s how Zuckerberg explained it in a recent post

One of the most requested features for Facebook is to make sure people don’t miss friends’ posts. So today we’re launching a Feeds tab where you can see posts from your friends, groups, Pages and more separately in chronological order. The app will still open to a personalized feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content we think you’ll care most about. But the Feeds tab will give you a way to customize and control your experience further.

Mark Zuckerberg

Meta Founder and CEO

Now that Facebook’s news feed is similar to TikTok’s, what does this mean for marketers who have always relied on the platform’s single feed to find, keep, and grow an audience? 

How to land on Facebook Home

Like the Feeds tab, Facebook Home will feature content from sources the user already follows. But this feed will also suggest recommended content based on each user’s profile and activity. 

According to a Meta press release, their AI-powered system relies on thousands of signals to “cut through the clutter and rank content in the order we think you will find most valuable.” 

The Home tab prioritizes Reels and Stories. Maximizing your visibility on this tab—to reach new people—means leveraging short-form video content. 

According to a HubSpot social media marketing survey, 85% of the 310 marketers who responded ranked short-form videos among the most effective forms of content in their social media marketing campaigns. 

So, the next time you post a Reel to Instagram, take advantage of one of its newest features: when it asks if you’d like to automatically share your video to Facebook, say Yes! 

Livestreams are another great way to connect with new people—as well as your followers—on the Home tab. In the same HubSpot survey, 69% of marketers ranked livestreams as one of the most effective tactics in their social media campaigns. 

Livestream video content can include live Q&As, workshops, and webinars. 

What about Feeds?

The Feeds tab on Facebook shows content only from pages, groups, and communities you are already following. You won’t see any content from the app’s discovery feature. But you will see ads. 

So, investing in Facebook Ads can definitely help you get your brand on the Feeds tab. 

That said, your primary focus with the Feeds tab should be gratifying the audience you already have. Never get tired of captivating those who’ve paid you the compliment of hitting that “Follow” button. 

Notice, too, that the Feeds tab is divided into separate sections: 

  • All
  • Favorites
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • Pages

You want your content to land in as many sections as possible—especially All, Favorites, and Groups—to stay top of mind for your followers. 

To land in Groups, create at least one Facebook group that appeals to your audience’s interests. 

Make a habit of regularly posting addictive content—especially short-form videos, livestreams, polls, and statuses—to engage your audience and maintain a regular appearance in the All section. Consistency is critical to this. 

Top takeaways

Facebook’s split news feed is obviously due to TikTok’s influence, but it makes sense. Leave aside for a moment that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Meta is a business, and to stay relevant, it must continually evolve to meet the needs and preferences of its users. 

True, if you use Facebook, you’ll have to adjust your social media campaigns for the platform, but those adjustments don’t have to be a chore. 

Chances are, you’re already leveraging short-form videos like Reels, and now Instagram makes it easy to post them simultaneously on both platforms. And, whatever you do, don’t delete Reels no one seems to notice for weeks. 

Besides that, look for livestream opportunities, invest in Facebook ads, and use Facebook groups to foster community on the app.