Everything is online. Including community.

It’s how you utilize those online communities that can make your business soar. 

Impact of Online Communities

A niche online community gives you direct access to the people you want to serve. This makes it easy to listen and learn about the pain points and challenges of consumers in your area. It also allows you to share information and become known as a local expert. 

A recent HubSpot survey found:

  • 19% of social media users joined an online community in the past three months (this number is higher for millennials at 33% and Gen Z at 36%)
  • 24% of social media users actively participated in an online community in the past three months

Survey participants shared that the top benefits of online communities include:

  1. The opportunity to learn new things
  2. Ideas and inspiration
  3. Meet/interact with others with similar interests

Join Communities that Help You Grow

Online communities go beyond marketing opportunities. Communities like the 5AM Call and Lab Coat Agents are spaces where you can go to learn from others, ask questions to like-minded people, and be held accountable to reach your goals. 

Finding a mentor or colleague on your team or in your market has plenty of perks, but online communities offer fresh perspectives from various markets. Find a community that resonates with you, and be sure to engage in conversation to make the most of it. 

Become Part of the Conversation in Local Online Communities

According to survey participants, the number one benefit of online communities is learning new things. This is your chance to educate and inform your market, and a great way to personalize your marketing. 

We all know headlines are scary. So, jump into local Facebook neighborhood groups and educate! Share the information that people need to know. In addition, answer questions, respond to comments, and keep the conversation around local real estate going. 

Build Your Own Online Community

Facebook and Discord are two of the top spaces to build an online community. You can create a community to fit your needs: 

  • Network with other agents
  • Engage with consumers in your market
  • Connect with team leaders
  • Referral opportunities within the industry

Whatever type of community you choose to build, be sure to put out relevant content and remain active with posts, comments, and questions. Remember, it’s not about how many members are involved, but the level of engagement and learning taking place.