After a decade in corporate America, I felt trapped climbing the proverbial ladder, despite the stability and perks of a steady job. The desire for change and personal growth was overpowering. 

Then, I stumbled upon Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (very cliche, I know). This book was a game-changer, opening my eyes to real estate’s potential as a tool for wealth and freedom. It ignited my passion for property investment and inspired me to help others find financial freedom through real estate, leading me to trade my corporate shackles for a fulfilling new path.

Breaking Free from $180K of Debt

The journey began first with a daunting challenge: tackling $180,000 in debt, to lower my monthly expenses as much as possible. I followed the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to make this happen. 

I knew that if I had no income, my husband and I needed to have our monthly expenses low enough that my husband’s corporate job would cover all expenses. It felt like scaling a financial Everest between car loans, student loans and credit cards. But with discipline, sacrificing “fun” and a no-nonsense budget with a tracker, we chipped away at this mountain, one dollar at a time. 

This wasn’t just about paying off bills; it was about reclaiming my freedom. In 18 months we were able to pay off the debt and save 6 months of emergency funds. 

Saving Up: Building My Financial Runway

Knowing I’d be cutting off my primary income source, I hustled to save up an additional $10,000 ‘seed fund’ for my new business. 

This wasn’t pocket change; it was a safety net for my entrepreneurial leap and allowed me to get my business off the ground. People who say you can be on your own in real estate with no money are lying to you—unless you join a team with leads to work. Being smart and starting with a bucket of money helped me invest in the need to have tools to start (like a computer, a corporate entity and coaching to hit the ground running).

Bracing for Six Months Without a Paycheck

Planning to go without a paycheck for half a year was both terrifying and liberating. It forced me to streamline my lifestyle and focus on what truly mattered. This wasn’t just a financial decision; it was a commitment to a new way of life. 

I closed my first deal after 6 months and seeing that first paycheck was literal gold to me! I knew I got past the worst of it—the beginning. 

Once I found my groove for lead generation and embraced my sphere, I closed ten deals my first year in the business and surpassed my six-figure corporate salary in GCI by year 3. 

The Power of a Plan: Embracing Coaching

In corporate America, I always had a mentor, and knew I would need support and mentorship in my newfound career. That’s where Tom Ferry coaching came in. It wasn’t just about business strategies; it was about reshaping my mindset, putting me on the right road from day one to elevate myself in the already over-saturated market of southeast Florida.

 My escape from the 9 to 5 grind isn’t just a story of financial liberation. It’s a testament to the power of planning, perseverance, and the courage to pursue a dream. 

To those feeling trapped in corporate America: there’s a way out. It takes guts, grit, and a bit of guidance and planning—but the other side is worth every step.