This week, a post on @thebrokeagent drew a slew of opinions on what boundaries should look like when you’re a real estate agent. 

It all started with a DM sent to The Broke Agent:

There are a lot of differing opinions about the 9 to 5 agent. Some agreed efforts should be taken to maintain a work-life balance, while others argued that refusing to answer texts and calls after five is throwing away business. After all, much of the draw to becoming an agent is leaving behind the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. 

Boundaries Are Key

Many agents agreed that solid boundaries are necessary to maintain a good work-life balance and prioritize mental health. 

It Depends…

Others believed this mindset should be conditional on the subject matter of “after-hours” contact. Most agents left their previous careers in search of an alternative to the 9 to 5, and sometimes negotiations carry on late into the night. 

Set Hours = Bad For Business

Others believed the policy was not wise and would negatively impact business. 

Keep It To Yourself…

A few agents questioned why someone would admit to this instead of just responding the next morning. 

5:00 PM? Way Too Early

Many held the opinion that shutting your phone off at a certain time was fine, but a 5:00 pm cutoff was far too early.

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