On this week’s episode of The Real Word, Byron and Nicole started with a MarketWatch article on a Case-Schiller update for December 2022—and tied in a Twitter thread from a knowledgeable resource on the platform: Lance Lambert

Next up was a BAM article on HubSpot’s marketing trends that won’t make it to 2023. Byron and Nicole explain number four, which still has tremendous value for video creators. And Nicole points out the opportunity number one presents for real estate agents. 

Finally, for this week’s “Left, Middle, Right,” they discussed a Fox Business article on the quiet quitting trend and its pitfalls for employees. Byron explains why hiring remote workers is a risk, how this applies to real estate agents, and why quiet quitting is not a long-term strategy. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:42 Intro

00:42 Topic #1: Case-Schiller update & Tweet thread

00:57 Twitter follow: Lance Lambert

06:43 Optimism and the housing market

10:57 The Fed is doing everything it can to fight inflation, but…

12:43 Topic #2: BAM article: “These Marketing Trends Are Not Making It to 2023.”

13:11 #1: Celebrity endorsements

15:42 #2: Curated IG Feeds.

17:24 #3: Audio Spaces (versus Twitter Spaces)

19:47 #4: Long-Form Videos

23:23 LMR: Quiet Quitting Trend & Pitfalls

24:12 Here’s where it relates to real estate agents

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