Look, I get it. Virtual is cheaper than regular staging and if it’s done right it can definitely present a clear vision of what the house can look like. But, if it’s done wrong….well see for yourself.

The following are some of the worst virtual staging fails sent to @badrealestatepics.

First off, if you’re going to pay for virtual furniture shouldn’t you pay for virtual furniture that doesn’t look like it got dragged out of the HOA storage closet? These are the most uncomfortable looking chairs I’ve ever seen and they don’t even exist. Also, that plant is ridiculous and there’s a dog in the corner that may or may not be virtual. Seriously, wtf.

Apparently it’s becoming popular to superimpose expensive cars in front of $300,000 houses to paint a completely unrealistic picture of the neighborhood. But, I guess it’s better than the idiot above who probably would have virtually dressed these driveways with PT Cruisers.

And this agent may as well have just photoshopped in a basketball player and said “indoor basketball court.” 

This virtual stager didn’t even have the courtesy to arrange the chairs. Please take a second to realize how insane this is and imagine the steps it takes to actually get this posted in the MLS. The agent hires the virtual staging service, they send the photos back, the agent sees this and thinks it’s fine, the agent sends it to the seller who also thinks it’s fine, and then the agent uploads it to the MLS.  Not only does it get uploaded, but it STAYS uploaded. Nobody said anything?

Nothing in this photo is real. This backyard doesn’t exist. This is in the metaverse.

Not virtual staging but virtual painting. Nobody will notice.

“Yeah let’s just show them where the fridge can go.”

This is just a complete disaster. The foosball table outside kills me. This just looks like someone got drunk and started playing The Sims.