We all know that 2024 is the year that requires us to stand out in our marketing. 

A crucial aspect of this plan is the art of effective lead follow-up, steering clear of the generic “just following up” text approach that often falls flat.

One proven strategy to stay top of mind with leads and past clients involves leveraging the power of personalized weekly emails

Weekly Emails

Instead of boring check-ins or market updates, I share a weekly email with local activities with my entire database. 

Using the Nudge app, which features influencers exploring area attractions, you can create engaging email content showcasing fun activities in the local community.

If Nudge isn’t in your area, check out these similar apps for local events as well:

Every Friday, I send out a templated email titled “This Week in the City,” featuring four highlighted activities with descriptions, images, and links from the Nudge app. One of my recent emails included rainbow lattes in northeast D.C., a chance to pet a sloth in Vienna, and enjoying a chai on a heated patio in southeast. 

The consistent template creates a recognizable brand touchpoint while offering valuable and entertaining content.

I know that we often hear the word “email” and think this strategy is outdated, but the success lies in the content within the email. By providing engaging local events, these emails serve as a powerful tool to stay connected with my database.

weekly email template
weekly email template

Reasons to Follow-Up

One key advantage of this strategy is its adaptability as a follow-up touchpoint as well. You can easily send friendly texts to your database and remind them to check out the latest local happenings in your email. 

Or, if you know someone in your database who is a die-hard fan of something in your email, give them a call to share the details of the event or venue. Your clients will not only appreciate this level of service but will likely be impressed that you remember their preferences and passions.

In a market where personalized and meaningful interactions make all the difference, this approach to weekly emails will help you differentiate yourself as an agent and ultimately lead to success!