Leave it to Grant Cardone to stick up for real estate professionals after a week of industry-changing news. 

Cardone shared a green screen detailing his thoughts on the Sitzer/Burnett verdict, which was announced earlier this week. 

His main takeaways?

  1. “It’s ridiculous.
  2. “It will only benefit litigators.
  3. “The judge got it completely wrong, and I believe it will be appealed.” 

Grant Cardone’s Message to Home Buyers

As a professional real estate investor, Cardone has bought over $5 billion worth of real estate. Over the years, he has purchased in eight states, with 12,000 units and eight to 10 homes to his name.

With that much experience buying and selling property, it’s safe to say he knows how real estate transactions work. But his message to consumers was clear: buyer’s agents are a must.

Cardone has always used a real estate agent to represent him when buying a property—even when the deal was off-market.

“For anybody out there thinking about buying a house this year, hire the best agent you can and pay them the most money you can to make sure you get the best price.”

Grant Cardone

Cardone went on to explain that the commission being paid is a small price to pay for the “tough work” that agents do for their clients—getting the best price possible while negotiating through any issues that may arise. 

Grant Cardone’s Message to Real Estate Agents

Based on the short, 2-hour and 28-minute deliberation during the Sitzer/Burnett trial, coupled with comments online, it’s clear that the general public doesn’t think highly of real estate agents. This PR problem has been going on for years and unfortunately, is one The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has not been able to fix. 

But messages like this, from a public figure who is widely known and well respected, could be a step in the right direction. 

To sign off, Cardone encouraged all agents to share their value with consumers as well:

“By the way, real estate agents, you’re welcome to share this with your buyers.”

Grant Cardone