What a week.

There’s talk of mortgage rates hitting 8%, the best real estate conference of the year just wrapped up, and now you have to start thinking about back-to-school and Q4 routines. 

We get it. Your brain is probably hurting. 

Whether you need a break from reviewing your notes from Tom Ferry Success Summit, prepping for your weekend open houses, or are still recovering from BAM Bash, here’s some of the most entertaining real estate content of the week.

Filmed in Dallas…

It’s not every day you get to spend three days with your real estate besties. Some of our favorite real estate creatives wasted no time in teaming up to create content at the Tom Ferry Summit—and they did not disappoint. 

I love your content!

Content creators never tire of hearing this. Just ask, Shane Burgman, Derrick Gregory, Paige Steckling, Katie Day, and Dan Oneil

It’s Not a Party Unless…

…it’s a BAM Bash party! Loving this one from Tre Serrano and Brad McCallum.

3 Days Later…

No acting required for this one. Featuring: Richard Parham, Shane Burgman, Krys Benyamein, Christian Terry and Jamie Terry

Got Referrals?

At conferences, are you a Tre Serrano and or a Krys Benyamein?

Network Like a Pro

Derrick Gregory and Krys Benyamein remind us what conferences are really about: networking. 

Meanwhile, not at the conference….

Of course, there was some epic content that wasn’t filmed in Dallas. Take a look. 

Agents Who TikTok

Kyle Toomey is proving himself to be one of the best creators that target the Gen Z crowd. And this listing video with Ali Alasgar Farhadov is no exception.

The Truth Hurts

Leave it to Matt Lionetti to deliver another painful truth from the front seat of his car.

How to Win Every Offer

Lindsey Jo pulls out all the stops for her clients. 

Realtor Wars

There are plenty of agents who support and connect with other agents. And then there we all know some like this (as portrayed by Shane Burgman and Derrick Gregory). 

Every Agent Has Done This

Hopefully, The Broke Agent didn’t already spend the commission check. 

Be sure to follow all of the creators above, because we’re sure they’re going to continue putting our incredible content!

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