Brad Scott, a self-dubbed “Unprofessional Realtor,” has made going viral something of a habit. How exactly is he doing it? With Reels that showcase his aggressive approach to touring homes. 

(He’s owning that, too, with the words “Aggressively touring homes” in the caption of each Reel.)

His tagline—“This 💩is available now— appears at the top of his 15 aggressive home tour videos (and counting).

And while your first reaction might be, “Okay, ew!” his unique, unfiltered presentation style makes it difficult to scroll away. And then you click on his profile to watch more. 

Hence the reason his posts keep going viral. 

Judging by the comments, Brad’s home tour posts are quickly generating mass appeal. Here are a few of the reasons: 

  1. Right off the bat, he shares the price of the home (pretty important detail) 
  2. When relevant, he mentions mortgage rate buy-down options and adds, “All closing costs covered” (at least when that happens to be true)
  3. He tours the home with rapid-fire reactions to details he knows will impress homebuyers
  4. He includes pop culture references (often with short clips woven in), sometimes with jokes he admits are cringey. 
  5. As a courtesy, he bleeps out at least some of the F-bombs (there are quite a few).
  6. He has an offbeat sense of humor that his audience clearly loves.

We’re including a few of Brad’s Reels here to give you a taste. Check out Brad’s Instagram to see more. 

Number 12 is reminiscent of a viral TikTok we highlighted back in December, where Billy Rojo toured a similar home in a San Antonio development. 

In number 13, Brad shows off a $1.3 million professionally designed and custom-built home in New Braunfels, TX—a town he describes as the middle child to San Antonio and Austin. 

Formerly a model for KC Custom Homes, the home has 4,000 square feet and every upgrade imaginable. Compared to the tiny home in “part 12,” this one took quite a bit longer to tour. 

Number 15 features a $2.6 million ranch-style home on over 30 acres in Devine, TX. He starts the video with a shot of the pool with the large terrace overlooking that and the Texas hill country beyond. Brad keeps the caption short for this one—just one sentence plus his phone number—spilling just enough to get viewers curious enough to stick around and watch the Reel. 

To be clear, this is not an approach we recommend to everyone. You don’t have to be funny to be a successful real estate professional. That said, this approach is clearly getting more eyes on Brad Scott’s business—because it clearly stands out from everyone else. 

He won’t appeal to everyone, but he doesn’t have to. Neither do you. Just keep getting better. 

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