The first 2023 episode of The Real Word brings some exciting news—and a surprising admission by one of our hosts. 

Byron Lazine and Nicole White start with a BAM article on expired listings, which segues nicely to the announcement of tomorrow’s live cold-calling event, where Byron, Tom Toole, and Danny Deals will each be making live cold calls to expired listings while the other two break it down.

The next topic was an article by BAM Creator Troy Palmquist, “You Might Be A Part-Time Agent If…” And here’s where the conversation took a surprising turn.

Byron has made no secret of his perspective on part-time real estate agents. But in his response to Troy’s article, as Nicole read through the article’s bullet points, Byron openly re-evaluated his assessment of part-time agents and their place in the industry. 

He even announced his intention to create content this year to help part-time agents compete with full-time ones! Tune in for his full admission.

Finally, the “Left, Middle, Right” segment deals with a CNBC article on bitcoin—its 60% drop in value last year and this year’s widely-varying predictions—from a 1,400% rally to a 70% plunge.

So, what should investment-minded real estate agents focus on this year? Tune in to find out. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:36 Intro

01:36 Topic #1: Expired Listings Are a Goldmine (BAM)

03:51 The BAM live cold-calling event (January 4th)

04:52 How important are expireds, and why do so many agents hate them?

11:35 The beautiful thing about expired listings

13:45 Topic #2: You Might Be A Part-Time Agent If… (BAM)

24:21 Byron re-evaluates his assessment of PT agents and their place in the industry

29:46 “This is just a continuation of who you are.”

35:31 Content from Byron to help PT agents compete with FT ones.

36:37 Left, Middle, Right: The Boldest Bitcoin Calls For 2023 Are Out… (CNBC article)

40:00 Focus on the main things.

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