What do Propy, Zillow, and Opendoor have in common? Each company (among others) aims to automate real estate transactions. But Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva and VP of Sales Adam Brown are doing things differently.

On this episode of The Byron Lazine Podcast, Natalia and Adam share Propy’s vision for the future of real estate, how they work with agents and brokers, and the first-ever real estate NFT sale.

Do ‘automated transactions’ mean the end of the agent?

Propy doesn’t think so. While other companies aim to take the agent out of the equation, Natalia and Adam share their belief that agents and brokers hold value in every marketplace. In fact, they believe agents and brokers will soon have even more opportunities, especially as new technologies develop with Web3.

What makes Propy different?

Transparency is key in Propy’s model, which starts automating the process for the consumer from day one. While Zillow profits off of agents, and Opendoor cuts agents out of the transaction, Propy partners with agents and brokers rather than monetizing off of them. Our only awkward moment? When I asked how they could respect Opendoor (who wants to eliminate agents).

The first to break into real estate NFT’s

Propy was built with a team of engineers and developers who understand both real estate and blockchain cryptography. Natalia explains how this allows Propy to be the front runner in the NFT real estate space, selling the first-ever real estate NFT. 

Stay tuned until the end, when Natalia gives tips for anyone new to crypto, and how real estate agents can educate themselves on new technologies in the industry.