The new year is fast approaching—have you thought about your video strategy?

Not just how many times you plan to post each week. Have you considered how your videos will earn you new business in 2024? 

You’re spending time creating them, after all. While consistent video creation does help to build awareness and keep you top of mind, being strategic with the types of videos you create will take your content to the next level. The level that goes past lead generation and into conversions. 

BAM Creator Tom Storey shared how his YouTube channel helped his team sell an additional 35 homes in 2023. Tune in to learn about the three types of videos that can actually help you book more appointments as an active real estate agent.

#1—2024 Prediction Videos

Of course, nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen in the real estate market. But Tom has found that when he sends prediction videos to his database, they are more well-received than any other video he sends out each year. And it makes sense—everyone wants to know what might happen in the market!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when making prediction videos:

  • At the beginning of the video, make it very, very clear that you are not giving financial advice. 
  • Go back in six months or almost a year later and review them to share what you were right about—and what you were wrong about. 

Not only are prediction videos fun to make, but your database will likely love hearing your thoughts about what’s coming up in the local market. 

#2—Long-Form Educational Guide

These videos take some planning and preparation. You need to clear out a time block, write out a script, and organize your thoughts in order to be really effective in your long-form educational videos. 

Here are some possible topics for educational videos:

  • First-time Homebuyer Guide
  • Investor Guide
  • First-time Seller Guide
  • Downsize Guide

Tom has a 45-minute video on his YouTube channel that is a first-time condo buyers guide for the city of Toronto. The videos have over 10,000 views—but even better, it’s helped his team sell over 15 properties. That’s because people are learning from these types of videos, which means they will automatically look to you as the local expert. 

The videos can also be cut up into short-form videos, giving you more content to spread out throughout the year. 

#3—Evergreen Seller Video

This video is for after you’ve already booked a listing presentation with the seller. Before you go on the appointment, send them this video so they can review it before you actually meet with them in person.

Tom’s version is a 4-5 minute video of him speaking directly to the camera sharing:

  • What it’s like to work with his team
  • What they offer
  • What other clients have said about them

Do not get into pricing or commission in the video—those conversations will happen at the appointment. 

Tom has found that, while this video doesn’t guarantee that you get the listing, when people watch that video and get an idea and understanding of the style in which they run the business, the chances of getting the listing are a lot higher. 

These three videos are well worth the time you put into them—because they are videos that will actually help you convert. Which will you implement first?