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You know what’s not easy? Posting client reviews to social. 

Most people don’t want to engage with a screenshot of that small text of someone praising you. It’s not attention-capturing, entertaining, or aesthetically pleasing and usually calls for a quick scroll-by on Instagram. 

But, posting client reviews can be an effective content piece for agents if done correctly. 

So, what is the best way!?

This week, I saw a post from BAM Creator/Captain, Dan Oneil (aka Danny Deals) that showcased client reviews in the perfect way.

He did a fun carousel-style post and went with the clever “how it started” vs. “how it’s going” route.

Swipe through this and see for yourself.

What Makes This Effective

Dan started by sharing a pic of his team when he started, which is a far more engaging hook to a post than a review itself. Then he shows the progression of the number of reviews throughout his career, including personal and team reviews that led to his incredible milestone of 500 5-star reviews in FIVE years. 

I also like this post because it’s not a “pretty post.” He didn’t put it in some Canva template to make it more picturesque or format it in a way fit for Instagram. He just took raw, grainy screenshots and even cropped them poorly which is perfectly on-brand for Mr. Deals. We are so used to seeing perfectly curated, edited content on Instagram and this is a pattern disruption that actually commands more attention.

Dan also found a way to not make the review post not just about him. He included his team reviews and got super vulnerable in the caption with his journey in real estate.

He even spelled “anything” wrong which honestly makes it more endearing and authentic.


Post client reviews as a milestone—and with a story.

People like celebrating wins with you on social media, and this is a much more effective way to go about it than just posting the “Hey look at me” screenshots. Whenever you can craft a story around something, the message is so much more effective. 

Shoutout to my good friend Danny Deals. I may give him a lot of shit on the Walk Thru (which he returns in full), but the guy is absolutely killing it in real estate at such a young age. 500 reviews in just five years is an amazing achievement and he should share that with the world. 

Watch this week’s Walk Thru for Dan’s remarks on his post and more marketing tips for real estate agents.