If you’re wondering how to share a client review that lights you up inside—the kind any real estate professional would love to get—wonder no more. 

I mean, it’s not like you’re bragging about how great you are. You’re letting someone else do that. And, to be fair, most of your audience wants to see what your clients think of you, anyway. 

Props to @fredericksellsfrederick for providing a brilliant example of how to post a client review. And no, it’s not a boring screenshot dressed up in Canva. 

Use that glowing review to get more eyes on your business

Byron Lazine recently interviewed Tamir Poleg, CEO of Real Brokerage, and Sharran Srivatsaa, president of Real. And one of the final questions had to do with something agents can put into practice over the next six months—which, as Tamir put it, will be the hardest six months of any real estate agent’s career. 

This falls into the category Sharran described as “Proof over promises.”

Sharran was talking more about your listing presentation, but both situations are, essentially, about starting conversations that lead to the best possible outcomes for your clients. Both are about showing—rather than telling—the potential client what you’ll do for them. 

Because it’s not like this is your first time. You’ve done this for other clients with outstanding results. Hence the glowing review. 

Bonus points for the cute, bewildered kids in the background. They show your audience you’re willing to look ridiculous in front of small children. You’re fun, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’re ready for a slam dunk at the word go. 

Because while you may not be serious about your Little Tykes basketball skills, you’re definitely serious about delivering maximum value to your clients. 

It’s a brilliant piece of marketing and one that your audience will probably watch multiple times, which tells the Instagram algorithm that people are lingering on your post, which makes it more likely that those same people will see your future posts. 

By the time they look away from this one, they’ll probably have that client review memorized. 

Well played, @fredericksellsfrederick

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