For the miniscule demographic of real estate agents who happen to be rabid Star Wars fans, today is OUR DAY. It’s May The 4th aka Star Wars Day. Some will celebrate by dressing up like literal Wookies and others will text their friends, “May the 4th Be With You.” I celebrate by creating real estate memes. Pathetic. Before we get into them I want to briefly explain my level of Star Wars fandom so you know what you’re dealing with. Overall I’d say I’m about a 5 out of 10. To paint a picture, growing up I was obsessed with the Podracing game on Nintendo 64, I had a choreographed two minute battle with one of my friends, and I owned three lightsabers, two Jedi and one Sith.

Also, I used to fantasize about living on Tatooine because it had two suns, so I could hypothetically tan both my front and back at the same time. Today I own only one custom lightsaber that I keep by my bed in case some Tusken Raiders try to jack one of my open house signs while I’m sleeping.

My favorite thing about Star Wars is that it has always provided an intergalactic escape from reality, and as real estate agents that’s exactly what we need. So, let’s get into some memes. If you want to go super nerd, play this while reading.

Here are some fresh ones:

And here are some favorites I’ve posted throughout the years:

May the Force Be With You, Always

By the way, we also have a bunch of Star Wars themed posts in our content platform for you to brand and customize.