Agents could earn some serious brownie points with clients with children by sending them this listing. 

Currently one of Zillow’s most popular listings, Santa’s North Pole home sits on 25 acres and features a world-class toy shop and a whimsical elf village that you can tour in 3D. 

Do Magical Workshops Appreciate in Value?

Santa’s home was worth just over $650,000 when he claimed it in 2016. According to Zillow, it’s now worth an estimated $1,154,137—showing how much home prices soared even in the most isolated places. 

Looking at the numbers, the value of Santa’s secluded property has increased 12% over the past year and nearly 77% over the past six years.

But how do the experts at Zillow do this math? They first calculated a special Zestimate value for Santa’s one-of-a-kind property using comparable homes in remote locations, then applied a “Santa premium.”

Should You Send This To Your Clients?

Do you have buyers with young children? The Zillow listing is complete with a description of Santa’s Living Quarters and Elf Village, plus links to the Offical NORAD Santa Tracker, so young ones can follow Santa’s travels on Christmas Eve. This listing could be the perfect opportunity to supply solid proof for their children that Santa is real while *technically* keeping the topic of conversation on real estate.

Or maybe you’re dealing with the kind of clients who send you WAY too many unrealistic Zillow listings. This could be a lighthearted opportunity to return the favor or wish them a Merry Christmas!