Today’s episode of The Walk Thru—the first of 2023—starts with a recap of yesterday’s live expired listings cold calling event hosted by Byron Lazine and today’s two OG guest moderators, Tom Toole and Dan Oneil. 

Next up was a BAM article by Tom Toole: “How to Organize Your Lead Generation Time,” followed by Twitter drama as the Redfin CEO reacts to a Chris Smith Tweet thread: “If real estate companies kept it real with their homepage headlines.” 

And while Redfin wasn’t the only target of this satire, Glenn Kelman’s defensive reaction turned it into a whole thing, sparking reactions from agents all over Twitter, either in defense of Redfin or to generously supply those anecdotes he asked for. 

Today’s show wrapped up with Facebook’s new rules for real estate listings, since the wording of Meta’s announcement left many agents confused as to what had really changed. 

Turns out the only people affected are those who post real estate listings to Facebook Marketplace using their business page

The general consensus on The Walk Thru: Your personal page is where the connections are. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0003:31 Intro

03:31 Topic #1: Expired Listings Cold Call Recap

04:09 Tom’s takeaways

06:31 Dan’s takeaways

08:29 The Broke Agent’s takeaways

10:31 Byron’s takeaways

17:23 Topic #2 How to Organize Your Lead Generation Time?

22:05 We have to prioritize follow-up as much as cold calls.

27:39 Topic #3: Redfin CEO’s Twitter Outburst

29:38 Satire, reaction, response, stories, invitation

43:54 Topic #4: Facebook’s New Rules for Real Estate Listings

45:45 Should agents focus on their personal or business page?

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