On December 29, Chris Smith, author of Conversion Code, posted a spoof. 

And a week later, people are still talking about it, thanks to a pair of responses from the CEO of Redfin.

In the original post, Smith shared the homepages of six major real estate companies, altering the copy to “keep it real.”

Over 285,000 people saw the post on Twitter alone, and those who shared a light-hearted laugh were quick to retweet, like, and comment on the post. 

But not everyone found humor in the post. One person, in particular, was quick to ask for the post to be taken down.

Glenn Kelman Responds

Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin, left two comments on Smith’s Twitter post:

It’s clear that Kelman was not in the mood for jokes.

Twitter Storm

After Kelman responded, a flood of comments and Tweets came in.  

Some called on Kelman to take it easy:

Some came to Redfin’s defense:

And others asked Kelman to back up his stats:

What do you think, should we turn this into a BAM debate?

Agents React

After Smith’s Tweet and Kelman’s response were covered in an article by The Real Deal, Smith returned to the post, shaking his head and stating, “Well that escalated quickly.”

He also posted on Instagram, where plenty of agents shared their reactions to the whole ordeal.

Here are a few reactions from the post:

This may take a few more twists and turns—we’ll keep you updated on what happens next!