Spring is in full bloom—and so is open house season. 

Whether you’re excited or just trying to survive the madness, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve collected some of the best open house real estate memes to keep you entertained. 

And as a bonus, these memes are filled with some basic open house etiquette to help you avoid any major faux pas. Because let’s face it, the last thing you want is to be remembered as the host who didn’t offer free cookies. 

So take a look, then put on your most charming persona and get ready to make small talk with strangers for hours on end!

Prepare the Night Before

As a professional, you want to arrive looking and feeling your best. So, maybe skip the shots at 2:00 am. 

Show Up Early

Don’t be like @derrickswflrealtor. Show up early. 

Play some Background Music

The @property_brothers_in_law know everyone loves a little music to set the right mood. Skeet skeet.

Treat Everyone like Royalty

Imagine if King Charles showed up in full garb to your open house. Now that would be a story to tell! 

But seriously, you never know who will be walking through the door. Treat everyone like royalty, even if they do everything @thebrokeagent lays out in the second slide.

Skip the Madness and Stay in Bed

If this is one of those rare weekends when you won’t step foot into someone else’s home, you have two choices: relish the quiet or get to work filling your pipeline!

With these epic tips under your belt, you’re sure to crush it this weekend. Happy selling!