Today, The Real Brokerage announced the launch of two new programs for real estate team leaders and brokerages: Private Label and ProTeams. 

The Private Label program allows real estate brands of any size to join Real and take advantage of the company’s technology and training solutions without sacrificing their existing brand identity. 

The ProTeams program allows independent brokerages and teams to customize their compensation models on a per-agent basis from a single user-friendly dashboard. 

Both programs will make it easier for the 100,000+ independent real estate teams and brokerages in the U.S. and Canada to join Real while continuing to build their brands and maintaining the compensation structures that work best for their businesses. 

As measured by agent growth, Real Brokerage is the fastest-growing publicly traded real estate brokerage, and it looks as though it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. 

We’ve kicked off 2024 on a strong note, with over 500 agents joining Real in the first week alone, pushing our network past the 14,000 agent mark. With the launch of these new programs, we’re set to further accelerate our growth, providing unparalleled opportunities for independent brokerages and teams to expand their businesses with unmatched flexibility and support.

Tamir Poleg

Real Chairman and CEO

#1—Private Label

Real designed the Private Label program “for independent brokerages that have spent years building a brand in their local marketplace.”  

Brokerages that join the Private Label program will have access to Real’s transaction management platform, among Real’s other innovative real estate business solutions, while continuing to build and invest in their already-established local brand. 

Sharrán Srivatsaa, President of Real, knows from experience how important it is for a business to keep its existing brand, which often comes with a loyal customer base and emotional attachment. 

Real is a platform of possibilities. We are focused on providing agents and team leaders with the best platform from which to serve clients and build long-term wealth. In today’s market, independent brokerage owners and team leaders need a platform that gives them the ability to scale. Our Private Label and ProTeams programs give owners and team leaders the power to overlay the Real model – and all of the benefits associated with being a part of the fastest-growing, publicly traded brokerage firm – without losing their brand or having to alter their economic plan.

Sharrán Srivatsaa

President of Real

Real is now making the Private Label program available, through an application process, to brokerages in states that allow this type of representation. 

To field-test the Private Label program, Real piloted it “in five markets over the last 12 months for close to $2 billion in sales volume.” Kofi Nartey and his 12-member Globl RED team joined the program in August 2023 and had only good things to say about it. 

Being able to maintain our existing brand and get all the benefits of a tech-forward brokerage partner was a game changer. We spent the previous three years launching our brand and building brand awareness. Real understood the value of what we had built with Globl RED and wanted to support our continued growth. The Private Label model made the transition easy, as we were able to have a seamless public facing brand transition, while working smoothly behind the scenes to onboard onto the platform. This allowed me and my team to keep our focus on our business and on our clients.

Kofi Nartey

Leader of Globl RED


Real’s new ProTeams program allows team leaders to continue using the compensation model that works best for them and to fully customize their financial packages—including caps, splits, and fee payments—down to the individual team member level, while reaping the benefits that go with being part of the Real ecosystem. 

As Srivatsaa explains in this video, the Private Label and ProTeams programs address the biggest questions and concerns of larger teams and independent brokerages interested in joining Real. 

Last year, we introduced a number of agent-centric benefits, including healthcare benefits resources and co-sponsored and willable revenue sharing programs. We are kicking off 2024 with a revenue share retirement benefits program for all Real agents and two game-changing programs that give individual brokerage owners and team leaders the ability to join Real with the brand they’ve spent millions of dollars building and the financial models that work best for them.

Sharrán Srivatsaa

President of Real

Real launches the ProTeams program today to select teams and will make it fully available throughout the U.S. and Canada by the end of quarter one in 2024.