BAM Key Details:

  • At their second annual signature conference, RISE 2023, this week in San Diego, CA, the Real Brokerage, Inc. (NASDAQ: REAX) made significant announcements on new and comprehensive fintech tools for agents, end-to-end digital solutions for consumers, a new branding position for Real, and new intuitive marketing tools for agents. 

Sharrán Srivatsaa, president of the Real Brokerage, kicked off Day 1 of the RISE 2023 Conference on Monday (October 23). 

Since its inception in 2014, Real has grown to over 12,000 agents and, with Monday’s expansion into Nebraska, operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada. 

More than 1,200 agents from throughout the U.S. and Canada attended the RISE 2023 conference to network and hear from Real leadership and industry experts. 

It was the perfect opportunity to announce the following: 

  • New fintech tools for agents to grow their incomes and plan for their future
  • End-to-end digital solutions for consumers
  • New brand positioning for Real
  • New marketing tools for agents

The chairman and CEO of Real, Tamir Poleg, addressed the challenges agents face in today’s market—from record-low affordability to waning buyer demand to critically low inventory. 

He also presented an innovator’s perspective on the situation. 

A recession or a decline in home prices may be the best things that could happen to us.

Tamir Poleg

Real Chairman and CEO

Agent tools for financial freedom

The Real Brokerage is the fastest-growing publicly traded real estate brokerage. And looking ahead, its leaders have used this week’s event to announce tools designed to help its agents throughout the U.S. and Canada to grow their wealth and better secure their financial futures. 

Those tools include— 

  • Real Wallet—a new “incentivized payment product”
  • Real Retirement—giving agents the ability to continue receiving revenue-sharing payments after retirement
  • WealthPlan— “a suite of fully integrated wealth planning tools”
  • Revenue Share Insights—with better insights into their earnings

Real Wallet

On Monday (October 23), Mr. Poleg announced the company is preparing to launch Real Wallet—a “first-of-its-kind fintech product that centralizes the functionality of a debit card, credit card, reward points, and an array of additional perks.” 

One way this tool helps agents is by unlocking financing sources previously unavailable to them. Initial testing for Real Wallet is scheduled for the first half of 2024, and like other projects in the pipeline, the upcoming launch exemplifies Real’s commitment to fintech innovation and integration into the real estate sector. 

With the introduction of Real Wallet, we’re on the cusp of a fintech revolution in the real estate space. We envision a future where agents have a transparent, reliable and predictive approach to a major portion of their finances, and this is a significant stride in that direction. With the development of Real Wallet, Real is not only redefining how agents manage their finances, but also helping them to maximize their earnings.

Tamir Poleg

Real Chairman and CEO

Real Retirement

Real is dedicated to helping its agents secure a better financial future, and Real Retirement is a significant step in that direction. Under this program, which will go into effect January 1st of 2024, producing agents who’ve been with Real for at least three years will be eligible to continue receiving their monthly revenue share payments after retirement, as long as they maintain an active real estate license. 

We believe it’s important to not only provide the tools that allow our agents to adequately plan for retirement, but also to recognize their contributions to Real even after they are no longer actively selling real estate.

Tamir Poleg

Real Chairman and CEO

WealthPlan and Revenue Share Insights

WealthPlan is Real’s own suite of fully integrated wealth planning tools for real estate agents. This program’s three-part approach uses education, planning, and accountability to help real estate professionals design and reach their personal and professional wealth goals. 

The educational element includes extensive training on the multiple ways agents can generate income and create long-term wealth through Real, including— 

  • Commission plans
  • Stock purchase programs
  • Revenue sharing
  • Stock awards

The planning element enables users to set wealth targets and automatically creates a personalized plan. Once target metrics are in place, the plan self-updates in real time to adapt to changes in commission income, stock holdings, revenue share, and stock awards. 

Sharrán Srivatsaa, president of Real, explained why the company is so invested in helping agents plan their personal financial future as well as their professional success. 

A wealth plan can show you how to change the very financial bloodline of your family. We want to teach agents to think beyond their business goals and to focus instead on how to achieve the financial goals they’ve set for themselves.

Sharrán Srivatsaa

President of Real Brokerage

End-to-end consumer solution

Creating a seamless and stress-free (as possible) consumer experience of the home buying/selling process is the driving force behind Real’s development of One Real consumer app and the Leo 2.0 agent concierge. 

One Real Consumer app

At Monday morning’s opening session, Real Chief Technology Officer Pritesh Damani presented the company’s new consumer tool—the One Real App—which allows agents to invite their clients to— 

  • Apply for a mortgage
  • Be preapproved within hours (or minutes)
  • Communicate directly with the loan officer and provide necessary documentation
  • Shop for homes
  • Complete the mortgage application process within a matter of minutes (within the app)
  • Be cleared to close on a home purchase in as little as 14 days (sometimes less)

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the One Real consumer app can track the progress of a loan application from beginning to end. The app also notifies agents when a client has submitted their application. 

Any eligible consumer in one of the 20 states where One Real Mortgage operates can use the app to be approved and cleared to close on a mortgage loan within 14 days. 

Leo 2.0

Damani and Srivatsaa also presented Leo 2.0—the enhanced version of Real’s first-to-market GPT-powered 24/7 agent concierge. Real’s Product Architecture experts have scaled Leo to not only predict what an agent wants to know, using predictions based on past behavior, but also to anticipate what they need to know, based on a comprehensive analysis of similar behavior across Real’s entire user base. 

What we’ve developed taps into the power of every interaction across our 12,000+ user base. We can leverage AI technologies to answer natural language questions as well as suggest relevant information and actions users should take to keep the process moving. Even when a user doesn’t realize what comes next, we like to say: Leo already knows.

Andrei Vazhnov

Vice President of Product Architecture

Other highlights of the Rise Conference

Real also announced its new brand positioning as the real estate company “focused on creating a better consumer experience with agents at the center.” 

In other words, Real is positioning itself and its representatives (agents) as the ultimate guide to an optimal consumer experience with buying or selling a home. Tech is seen as a developing tool to be used toward that end, not as a replacement for skilled and insightful professionals. 

The new positioning communicates Real’s commitment to simplifying life’s most complex (and stressful) transaction by creating a simple and transparent solution combining all the touchpoints in the home buying or selling process into one seamless experience. 

Real’s new brand positioning comes as it celebrates its expansion into Nebraska (its 50th state) on Monday—marking the achievement with a digital billboard in Times Square

Real’s vision is a world in which home buying and selling is a simple and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our new positioning represents this vision as well as our culture of community, and it comes at a time when Real has distinguished itself as the fastest-growing publicly traded brokerage firm for two years running and the only one to continue to grow profitability and truly innovate during a challenging and contracting real estate market.

Sharrán Srivatsaa

President of Real Brokerage

Along with the refreshed messaging, Real announced the following marketing tools for agents: 

  • Agent Listing Toolkit—a “comprehensive suite of consumer listing presentation tools, digital and video marketing assets and step-by-step coaching and training programs for agents.”
  • Creative Studio—“a new portal that houses a redesigned library of resources to meet agents’ production marketing needs”
  • Digital Asset Management System—with an interface that allows agents to easily access all of Real’s creative materials and content, the system will “empower agents to discover and distribute marketing collateral, while ensuring brand consistency and accuracy over the long term.”