You’ve likely seen the trend: AI stereotypes. 

A few days ago, Kyle Talbot, Kansas City’s unofficial hype man, posted an Instagram Reel that turned that trend into real estate content that’s turning heads (and racking up comments). 

Those comments have been mixed, ranging from “Genius” to “Eh, not so accurate.” 

If you ever doubted that each person’s experience of a place (or situation, etc.) is not like anyone else’s, the comment section should fix that. 

So, what does this say about the AI app that created the images for this post? Hard to say. But when it comes to leveraging AI to get more eyes on your business, Talbot is on to something. 

So many questions come up when we’re looking at this Reel: 

  • What AI app did Kyle Talbot use for this?
  • What was the prompt he typed in to get these results?
  • Why are some commenters impressed by the accuracy while others are skeptical?
  • Would commenters have responded differently if the images had been human-created?
  • Will there be more posts like this for other Kansas City neighborhoods?

If Talbot’s goal for this post was to get some engagement from his Instagram audience, he succeeded, with over 1,300 likes and, so far, over 170 comments. With a brief scroll through the comments you can see he engages right back with his commenters. 

He also reveals that this post is part of a series! So, there’s more to come. 

Posing the question, “Which area do you want to see next?” has garnered 20 replies so. And those don’t even include the comments asking him to include specific neighborhoods in his next post on this topic. 

It’s a great way to showcase what AI can do for your visual marketing content, as well as how to leverage AI’s versatility to engage your audience across social media channels. 

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