A little throwback can make a big impact on your Feed. 

Just look at one of Krys Benyamein’s latest Reels, which racked up over 27,000 views in under a week:

Nostalgia Always Wins

In his latest listing video, Krys brings us back to 2011 with—you guessed it—the planking trend. Naturally, “Like a G6” plays throughout the video, reminding us of all those images of people planking in parks, stairwells, escalators, and any other random spot they could find. 

Whether you loved the planking trend or hated it, chances are, you remember it. And don’t we all love to reminisce about simpler times? That’s why throwing it back to an old trend gets so much engagement–viewers are quick to share the video, tag a friend in the comments, and rewatch the video, just for old-time’s sake. 

Highlighting the Listing

Aside from hitting us in the feels and showcasing some impressive core strength (that bathroom plank!), Krys also set out to highlight one of his latest listings. 

With a little editing work, Krys ensured his planking skills didn’t outshine the property. The on-screen text spells out the home’s best features:

  • 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms
  • 2,192 sqft, 10,044 sqft lot
  • Mountain view
  • RV parking

Plus, with some picture-in-picture edits, he shares professional listing photos so potential buyers can visualize the home sans planking. 

Honestly, if the homeowners are familiar with Krys’s content, they probably knew his approach to marketing their home would be next-level creative—and fun! This one certainly does not disappoint. 

What trend do you want to bring back in 2024? Your next listing video might be the perfect place to do just that.