Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent bring in San Diego agent and co-founder of REFER Jason Cassity to discuss South Florida real estate,  the right way to spend money on advertising, viral real estate content, and the latest Instagram updates. 

To begin this episode, the creators talk about Lionel Messi’s blockbuster move to Miami and what this means for Florida real estate now. The creators then break down how much agents should spend on Google and Facebook ads

Next, the creators look at a viral TikTok from Grandma Nat, a real estate agent who shows off her dance moves while promoting a home she is trying to sell, and dual listing videos from Matt Lionetti and Anna Oliver. 

The last topic brought up in this episode is Instagram Stories. The Broke Agent gives insights into how Instagram has changed the number of Stories available to see on the app—which could result in a decline in engagement. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

0:002:49 – Intro 

02:50 Topic #1 – Messi to Miami 

13:10 Topic #2 – How much agents should spend on Google and Facebook Ads 

27:02 Topic #3 – Are TikTok dances back? 

31:28  Dual Listing Video from Matt Lionetti and Anna Oliver 

36:53 Topic #4 –Instagram Stories for this week in Marketing 

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