I’m furious about Leap Day because it made me release this blog on a Friday when people are less likely to click because they have already tuned out for the weekend. 

But, not you! You are a Top Producer and the days of the week don’t matter! That’s why you’re reading this blog right now.

Anyway, March is a great month for content because it’s officially the start of Spring, the New Year lull is over, and MADNESS is here.


March 3rd: The Broke Agent’s Birthday

Today we honor the birth of a real estate renaissance man. A man who has recycled the same 30 jokes for nine years and has turned it into a media company! A man who is writing this right now. For my birthday I would love for you to watch this week’s episode of The Walk Thru where we go over some brilliant marketing tips that will help you turn views into leads. Watch it here.

March 10th: Daylight Savings 

U.S. clocks will officially SPRING forward at 2:00 am on Sunday, March 10th. So, how can you incorporate this into your real estate content? 

Well, first here’s what you shouldn’t do: DO NOT post a generic Instagram template that reminds people to “move their clocks forward.” It’s 2024. AI is about to be infused with our brains, and I’m pretty sure most of our clocks adjust themselves. Also, don’t send an email blast with that same information unless you include some other value. Blasting your database with a time change will most likely only annoy people.

Here’s a content idea: “Two Things that don’t make sense: trying to time the market and daylight savings time.”  Then, explain why waiting for the “perfect time” to buy or sell a house is not a great strategy. We have a template for this in Coffee & Contracts.

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day

Rapid fire ideas:

  • List three of the best Irish bars to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in your hometown.
  • Wear green in your videos on this day.
  • Post a Reel of yourself pinching everyone in your office! (Don’t do that).
  • Show the “greenest” places in your hometown: parks, fields with views, etc.
  • Tell a story about how you got “lucky” in a real estate transaction or with a client.
  • Go around telling people “Irish” I was your agent.  (Don’t do that either).

March 19th: March Madness Starts

Yes, I listed this as a holiday because for sports fans it is one. In fact, the entire country treats it like one—according to the first thing I Googled, employers lose an average of $17.3 billion every year in the first week of the basketball tournament.

Some content ideas:

  • Create a bracket challenge with all of your clients/social media audience. Set it up on ESPN or Yahoo. This can be a great email/lead grab and a fun way to reach out to everyone. Give away a gift card or cash prize to the winner and keep people updated on the standings. 
  • Make the joke that March Madness is like selling real estate: it’s an emotional roller coaster, it’s unpredictable, and it usually ends in tears…happy or sad. This is also a template we have in Coffee & Contracts.
  • Do a “Final Four” of your four favorite coffee shops, restaurants, etc, and let people vote in the comments about which one they like best.

March 31st: Easter

If you celebrate, give a peek into your family’s traditions. 

Or, showcase the best places for Easter Brunch in your market. 


What is the “Spring Market?” Give stats and compare inventory levels month over month and what you’re seeing in your market.

Give some spring cleaning ideas and tips for homeowners. Don’t forget about making content for the clients that have already bought and sold! You still have to keep them engaged by constantly giving out useful information.

On yesterday’s Walk Thru, your GO-TO real estate marketing podcast, we had some great tips from Haley Ingram, Katie Lucie, Dan Oneil, and The Broke Agent. Here are the three major takeaways:

1. Build a bank of B-Roll for your brand for Reels and YouTube videos. When you’re at your office, film yourself doing tasks and when you’re out and about, film your surroundings so you can splice it in for your content. Haley Ingram drives this point home here in this clip.

2. Focus on hyper-local content that actually nets you conversions. “Viral content” is great for vanity metrics, but rarely do the views of people outside of your market result in appointments. Katie Lucie has a great article on the Impact Over Likes, and analytics for three posts that produced wildly different outcomes. 

3. Don’t be afraid to pivot. If you are posting content that isn’t resulting in more business,  you need to change up your strategy. Posting just to post or doing a podcast just because you said you would every week needs to eventually result in conversions. Take a step back every few months, audit your content, and double down on the posts that actually get you LEADS. Because that’s why we’re posting right? 

 Here’s a B-Roll video from Coffee & Contracts that explains JUST THAT.


All Month: Spring Training

Baseball games have officially started. If you live in Florida or Arizona you can do content like this from Katie Lucie:  

March 10th: The Oscars

Last year we didn’t get a viral moment like the Will Smith Slap. But there are always some good celebrity moments and reactions to trendjack off. Read that again.

Finally, it is the FIRST of the month which means we released a new course for our BAMx members. This month is on how agents can utilize ChatGPT for Video Production. This week we also did an Office Hours training on ManyChat and how agents can use DM automation to increase lead flow. If you’re not a member yet…it’s time.