Almost three years ago, Liz Novello joined me on The Byron Lazine Podcastthe first podcast she ever agreed to do (which is still such an honor). In this episode, I’m thrilled to sit down with her during her first in-person Tom Ferry Summit to talk about everything that’s happened in her life since then. 

As an added bonus, Taya DiCarlo joins in during our conversation. She and Liz are friends, and having them together on the podcast leads to ideas and revelations you won’t want to miss. 

Three big takeaways are don’t throw your pennies away, invest in yourself, and be thoughtful but don’t overthink. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:50 Intro

05:00 Why Liz’s connections as Gary Vaynerchuk’s sister didn’t help her as an agent.

13:12 What do you hate about real estate teams?

15:01 If you have one assistant, you are a team.

19:59 Giants clients or Jets clients?

23:55 The market has shifted. What’s your feel about it in north Jersey?

30:40 Taya DiCarlo joins the conversation.

37:36 In the world we live in, it can get out of hand if you spill too much.

41:55 If you’re a hustle-bustle person, sitting alone with yourself is hard.

47:30 I would rather have four quarters than 100 pennies

Click here to watch the full episode. 

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