The second June 1st hits, the first thing I think about is this epic “June Gloom” shirt I had. 

June Gloom

This is my friend Matt and me right after we saw Mad Max Fury Road in 2015. Great movie. This was back before The Broke Agent, before BAM, and before I discovered the Peloton or Propecia. A much simpler time…would definitely go back.

Anyway, the second thing I think about when the calendar turns to June is WHAT CONTENT can real estate agents create this month? 

Let’s get into it!


National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month. What does this mean you ask? Well, of course, it means absolutely nothing. But, according to NAR, “this month is when we promote the benefits of homeownership and recommit to creating opportunities for future homeowners.” So, how can you turn this into content?! 

Thankfully, Coffee & Contracts had some great ideas.

  • Homeowner stories: Interview clients who recently purchased their homes and share their stories.
  • Home maintenance tips and checklists: In the form of Reels or carousel posts.
  • Homeowner Q and A’s: Go live on social or answer some FAQs from your IG story.
  • Entertainment: Share some hilarious homeowner memes from @homeownermemes.

Use this month to educate your audience about homeownership and demonstrate how you can assist hopeful homebuyers. Or, better yet, don’t address this SCAM at all and go about your life like it doesn’t exist! 

Pride Month 🌈

So many companies go overboard with performative pride month campaigns and messages that are actually not very well received by the LGBTQ+ community. So, if you want to share an earnest message of support, go for it, but try to refrain from commodifying the month. Coffee & Contracts also had a great post about ideas for this as well. 

Pride Month

June 14th, Flag Day

If you use “Flag Day” to send out an email blast you should have your license revoked.

June 18th, Father’s Day

Wait, you mean National HOME INSPECTOR’S Day!? Hahaha, get it!? Obviously, Father’s Day is the perfect day to share the classic “Dad thinks he’s a home inspector” joke. I’ve made so many of them that I think the joke might actually be dead at this point.

Here’s one from our content platform that you can brand and customize if you become a member.

content for real estate agents

You can also tell some stupid real estate Dad Jokes: “What does a house wear… ADDRESS!”

If you don’t want to go the funny route, here are some other Father’s Day-themed content ideas:

  1. Top Home Features Every Dad Will Love: spacious garage, backyard for BBQ’s, a home office, media room, workshop.
  2. Home Buying Tips for Fathers in the Market: talk about the school district and proximity to family-friendly activities.
  3. Talk about your dad and the impact he’s had on your life. Make it completely unrelated to real estate and heartfelt. 


Some more good ideas from Coffee & Contracts.

Juneteenth<br />


June 1st, NBA Finals (starts)

We got the Lakers vs. the Celtics—I mean the Nuggets vs. the Heat in a matchup that will not cause that much stress for anyone outside of Denver and Miami. Lebron, The Warriors, and the overrated Celtics are all in Cancun, so everyone can be happy about something. I’m sure there will be some meme-able moments on the court or in press conferences. 

June 3rd, The Stanley Cup (starts)

The Florida Panthers face off against the Vegas Golden Knights. Not sure what real estate content comes out of The Stanley Cup but now you know it’s going on and in the off-chance a potential client mentions it you now have something to talk about. I’ll take my 25% referral fee!

June 15th – June 18th U.S. Open

If you’re sitting an open house over Father’s Day weekend make sure you have this on. As I’ve said before, golf is a fantastic, peaceful thing to have on in the background.

All month, Baseball

The MLB starts to take center stage as the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup come to a close.

June Social Media Tips

Time to start shifting to summer-related content in general. 

“How to beat the heat” at your listing with a pool. Summer cocktail spots. 

What is going on in your town that is different in June and July than in other months? Always “trendjack” the season and make sure your content reflects what is going on real-time. 

Also, DO NOT forget to be social. The biggest mistake I see agents making right now is that they only publish content. They aren’t interacting with other accounts, commenting, liking, or responding back to people who engage with their accounts. The more you give, the more you get.

And of course, go Green Screen Mode. This style is not going away anytime soon and is the perfect way to discuss ANY trending topic. I just filmed an entire course for BAMx on how agents can master the green screen—and it is now live for BAMx members!


I Think You Should Leave

Season 3 of the sketch series is out on Netflix as of June 1st, and if this is anything like its previous seasons of absurdist comedy, it will result in many new trends, like the one below. 

@maameefua.koomson It was at this moment you KNOW you making a mistake!! 🤣🤣🤣 gonna be behind asl tryna get gas in the morning!!! #maameefuakoomson #yousureaboutthat #CapCut ♬ You Sure About That _ ITYSL - Scott Holford


New episodes of the Kardashians are airing every Thursday, and whether you love them or hate them, they are some of the most famous–and meme-able–people on the planet. 


The Beige Flag TikTok Trend

People are taking to TikTok to reveal their “beige flags.” Unlike a red or green flag, a beige flag isn’t negative or positive but is just a little quirky or weird fact about someone. I’m sure all of you have at least a few things that would cause others to take pause.

What Services?

A great sound to joke about the seemingly endless amount of money spent during a real estate transaction.

I understand nothing

A relatable feeling for every agent at one point or another.

 I am fun

I can see agents using this sound to joke about spending every weekend hosting open houses.