One of the most common areas of criticism we hear with BAM is that almost all of our content is exclusive to what is happening in America. In fact, we’ve been getting a lot of messages like this:

A large part of the BAM audience is Canadian, and we have had a ton of requests to start reporting on the real estate market up North. 

You asked, and you shall receive!

Tom Storey is now a BAM Creator

It is my pleasure to announce our newest creator to BAM, Tom Storey! Tom is one of the top 35 Realtors in Canada under 35 years old and is consistently in the top 1% of all Realtors in the marketplace. If you’re in the real estate industry in Canada, you know who he is because of his frequent appearances on Toronto television, his speaking circuit, his dynamic video content, and his market dominance.

If you’re in America, you may know him from one of our most-viewed episodes of Over Ask.

Watch just one minute of this episode, and you will immediately see how well-spoken, knowledgeable, and relatable he is.

Here he is on TV talking about the 2023 real estate market:

The guy is polished. I would absolutely crumble on national television. 

I believe it was Matt Lionetti who said “Tom is the Byron Lazine of Canada.” Not sure if Tom wants to be compared to Darth Bryon or not, but Matt definitely meant this as a compliment in terms of his marketing chops and overall real estate wisdom. 

What Will Tom Be Doing With BAM?

Tom will be one of our voices for the Canadian real estate market. He will be writing blogs, breaking down news stories, collaborating on posts, and will be a frequent guest on BAM shows and podcasts. 

He also has a video course in our new platform, BAMx, where he teaches agents how to shoot and edit video content to gain leads and grow their real estate business. I’m talking about everything from equipment to buy to his exact strategies for creating content for the consumer. Check it out here.

We are so excited to have Tom as a part of BAM and can’t wait to see his brand explode in America as it has in Canada. 

Make sure you give Tom a follow, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and check out his course.