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Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to build trust and loyalty. But the challenge lies in staying relevant after the closing handshake. You helped them buy or sell a home – now what?

Many agents struggle to provide ongoing value that goes beyond quarterly check-ins and email newsletters. When agents don’t continually serve their clients, it leads to missed opportunities. That’s why, even though 87% of home sellers say they would use their real estate agent again, only 26% actually do, according to NAR.

It’s part of the reason I created Lifetime Home Support™—to continuously serve clients, no matter how long ago they bought or sold real estate. Over the years, my offerings have grown to include the free use of moving trucks, party rentals, home maintenance and property tools, and so much more. These services are things my clients love (and a big reason why they refer my team so often!), but I understand that it can be daunting to start with something as big as a moving truck or tool shed.

Fortunately, there’s one overlooked service that’s incredibly easy to implement: office services

Turning the Mundane into Value

By offering clients access to different aspects of your office, you’re leveraging resources you already have to provide significant value. It also creates an opportunity for face-to-face interactions, allowing you to showcase other complimentary services (like housing market reviews or CMAs) that clients might not be aware of.

Think of it as packaging your existing capabilities into a neat, value-added parcel for your client base. This “office services pillar” can also serve as a fantastic lead magnet while you prepare to launch other offerings like moving trucks or party rentals.

Office Services for Your Clients

Here are some office services you can easily offer:

  1. Free black and white copies: Perfect for everyday needs.
  2. Free notary services: Becoming a notary is surprisingly simple – have one person in your office apply to offer this to clients!
  3. Free use of conference rooms: Ideal for client meetings, consultations or even book clubs.
  4. Free scanning and shredding services: Helps clients declutter and manage paperwork.
  5. Free referral services: Connect clients with trusted real estate professionals nationwide, boosting your broker-to-broker referral income.
  6. Free market rent analysis: Offer valuable insights to clients considering renting their property.
  7. Free real estate market reviews & analysis: Keep clients informed about market trends and potential opportunities.

Bonus Service: My MLS currently includes Updater, which acts like a moving concierge. This can be another complimentary perk for your clients – it simplifies address changes, utility connections, and provides resources to make moving easier. If you have access to a moving app like this, use it as an additional service!

Marketing Your Office Services

To ensure maximum visibility and client awareness, you must promote your office services! 

Implementing office services for clients gives you a perfect excuse to call your database. Rather than calling for a vague check in, share the exciting new offering that you have for them. People love receiving calls from agents on my team because we are always adding a new pillar or service for the buyers and sellers we’ve worked with. 

In addition, include details about these services in your printed marketing materials and regularly highlight them within your email campaigns to keep them fresh in your clients’ minds. Post on social media platforms to share updates and announcements to generate excitement and encourage participation. 

Finally, dedicate a small section on your website to showcase your office services. This section should provide clear explanations of each service offered and detail the specific benefits clients can expect. This multi-pronged approach will ensure your office services reach a broad audience and effectively communicate the value they provide.

Bringing Clients Through the Door

Now that you’ve established the value proposition, how do you get clients to utilize these services? Here are some creative tactics to get people in the door:

  • Shredding Parties: Advertise a day where clients can securely dispose of documents. This can be done after tax season or as part of a “spring cleaning” themed event.
  • Dumpster Days: Offer a designated day for clients to dispose of unwanted items, showcasing your commitment to helping them settle into their new space (or anytime they need to get rid of stuff. More on this event in my next post!). 

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your office into a hub for ongoing client support, fostering lasting relationships and generating valuable referrals. It’s not just about the transaction; it’s about building trust and becoming a lifelong resource for your clients.

This a small, manageable pillar that you can start advertising to your clients as soon as you’re ready. To learn more about all the pillars of Lifetime Home Support™, click below!