In the simplest terms, the definition of success is executing correctly identified activities consistently over a long period of time. No matter what you’re trying to become great at, or successful in, this is the formula for success.

 On my team, The Vesta Team, we label those correctly identified activities as “Money Making Activities,” or MMAs.   

We are obsessed with this concept. We don’t worry about anything else besides figuring out the correct MMAs per agent—and then keeping everyone accountable to complete their MMAs every day. 

 This approach has brought clarity and rhythm to an otherwise chaotic business.

 Here’s how.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Most agents will say, This year I want to sell $10 million in business.

 That’s great! And it would make for an amazing year.  That said, it will remain a pipe dream for most agents because their plan ends with the statement. 

Without a clear plan for how to reach that goal, agents leave it in fate’s hands. And they might as well go play the lotto because that’s basically what they’re doing. 

 We always say, Control your controllables.”  We, as brokers and agents, have to focus on what we can control.  

Those controllables are your MMAs.

Putting your goal in context

Let’s put that $10 million goal in the context of an MMA.

 Goal: $10,000,000 in home sales  

 Break it down further: $10,000,000 in home sales, with an average home sale valued at $250,000. That means the real goal is selling 40 homes.

 Now, identify the source from which your business is generated. For this example let’s say online leads

 Your anticipated conversion ratio from the stated source: 2% closing ratio

 Final daily goal (your controllables): 7 – 8 leads worked daily Mon – Fri

Here’s the breakdown of how I got those numbers: 

Working backward, 40 homes sold in a year at a 2% closing ratio means you need to connect with 2,000 leads throughout the year. 

(2,000 x .02 = 40)

At 52 weeks in a year, and working five days a week each week, you have a total of 260 days.

(52 x 5 = 260)

To hit your goal of 2,000 leads, worked appropriately through a system, you need to connect with 7-8 leads daily to be assured you will close 40 homes—or $10 million in one year. 

(8 x 260 = 2,080)

 It’s that simple. This gives you a real and tangible goal to work toward. 

Break your $10 million goal down into smaller daily numbers, and suddenly you’ve got a plan to work from—one day at a time. 

Now, what about the days you get 7-8 leads early in the day? Great! You’re on track to hit your goal. Get some golfing in, get a massage, or do something else to celebrate that win. You can also go above and beyond by making new lead calls. 

Focusing on your activities (MMAs) rather than results is the way you begin working like a top-producing broker. 

Start thinking in terms of MMAs, and you’ll change your trajectory of success forever.